We are having our wedding in June and there will be young and old there. Is it possible to play both Irish traditional songs, country and current chart music?
I cater for all ages so I can play a range of music throughout the night to cater for all. I also include Irish dancing in the set eg The Seige of Ennis which gets everyone on the floor and is great fun!

I would like to have mellow music for our reception in the afternoon. Is this possible and if so what could you recommend?
I suggest playing some easy listening Motown and Soul to suit the time of day and mood.

How long do you play for?
Usually one to two hours for the reception part and three hours for the night time part.

We have a favourite song. Could you play that on our entry to the dining room?
Yes and this too will be given to you on the day with a mix of songs from the night.

Do you take requests throughout the night?
Yes, happy to play what the guests would like provided I have it of course.

Do you provide your own PA system, microphone and lights?
Yes, these are provided by me.